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Approaching Winter

As winter approaches and the temperatures plummet, with it come the long dark nights. Already as we begin to pack away after a days work the sun is beginning to set across the lake near the distribution point.

Over these past weeks, the relentless rain has made conditions unbearable. With clothing and bedding constantly saturated, it becomes near impossible for anyone to find any comfort or respite.

The French authorities continue to conduct regular ruthless clearances of discreet small camps in the early hours, often leaving people stood in the rain with the few possessions they can carry.

Our teams are on-site each day providing the usual range of services and support. Our incredible volunteers strive to find answers and solutions to any problems they are faced with.

Please share this to help raise awareness and inform people of the inhumane conditions people are being forced to live in at our borders. If you would like to volunteer with MRS or support our work you can find out how to do so at:

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