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Beautiful New Warehouse

At the end of last year we formed an official partnership with the incredible O's Refugee Aid Team.

After months of searching and meticulous scrutiny, we finally found a warehouse that could satisfy all our needs and be fit to support both our present and future projects. Over the past 7 months our team have worked tirelessly, day and night to try and transform it into what we had all imagined.

The warehouse covers 600 square metres and is divided into three sections. The ‘bungalow’ containing our kitchen, bathroom and office. The main room which is the primary storage area, containing a majority of the NFI. The outbuildings which house the electronic workshop, the hygiene/medical area and the food hall.

Our vision of this space has only been realised because of the support and trust of many people. Since we embarked on this huge project nearly 200 people have been through our doors and in some ways contributed.

It would never have been possible without the love and support of Onjali Rauf and the team at ORAT. Thank you to Sulaiman Choudhury for hours lost examining pages of documents in french! Additionally, we are so grateful to also now have the incredible Caroline C Cottet working alongside our team each week.

Realising this project would have also been impossible without the unfaltering and frankly overwhelming support from the amazing Donate4Refugees and The Christabella Charitable Trust. These inspiring organisations have supported us for years through thick and thin.

Thank you to Chloé for the hours and days spent contacting and examining agents and owners. We owe a huge amount of gratitude to Tilda Mallinson, Phoebe Mallinson and Steve Ali for their trips over here with teams of people to help us sort, build, decorate and create this beautiful space.

Also to Eva Waes for her countless visits and the groups of enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers she often brings with her!

With new projects in the pipeline and still loads of work to be done around the warehouse, we are looking for volunteers to come and work with us over the summer months. We are always looking to create new projects to fill gaps and for ways to improve existing projects. If you have some great ideas and would like to get involved and share them with us, get in contact!

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