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Built-Up Makeshift Structures

While the temperatures have remained so low, the French authorities have momentarily relented from their usual routine of harassment and destruction.

During this period the camp has become far more built up. People have worked together to create shops and larger spaces that can benefit the whole community. Without such regular evictions groups are able to utilise bigger tents and build larger shelters, giving people more space and communal areas in which to spend long rainy nights.

Over this last week, as the weather has changed and temperatures have risen, we have seen a sudden surge in numbers. Some of these people are new arrivals, while others are people returning to the camp, many of whom spent the weeks of horrific weather on the streets of Paris.

Despite the awful conditions in which people are being forced to live, they remain positive. Each day our team are welcomed by smiling faces. People are quick to help us unload and are familiar with our daily services and routines. During this rough period we have several volunteers onsite daily, solely focused on the distribution of NFI (non-food items). This ensures everyone gets time to request the specific items they require.

Our team on the ground will continue to be present as always to support the communities here over the weeks and months to come. Although it is warmer now, the weather could change again still before winter is over.

We at MRS are incredibly grateful for the support you all continue to give us, enabling us to do the work that we do. We feel blessed to have the support of so many incredible organisations both over here and based back in the UK. O's Refugee Aid Team, Donate4Refugees, Side by Side, People Not Borders, Herts For Refugees, Together100, Gent4Humanity, Stand by You, Belgian Aid Network and many many others.

Thank you to everyone that has donated to our current fundraiser or to us directly! We would also like to thank all of you who have created your own online fundraisers to support our work, it is both truly humbling and appreciated!

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