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Constant Evictions, New Distribution Location

Regular evictions continue to push the residents of the Dunkirk camp further afield and out of sight. One of the few locations this community is even partially tolerated sits mere metres away from the A16, one of the busiest motorways in northern France.

We use this location to provide our standard services of charging, Wi-Fi & material distributions. This week alone we have distributed around 150 tents, blankets and pieces of tarpaulin to replenish what was destroyed in this week’s eviction.

Despite the authorities’ relentless zero-tolerance policy, we are still faced with many new arrivals every day, determined to reach safety.

Our stock continues to deplete as our small team works tirelessly to provide the necessary support to all those sleeping rough in the Dunkirk area. Please, if you can, consider donating to our festival salvage replacement fundraiser to help us continue to provide these vital distributions:

Even the simple act of sharing this post to raise awareness is a huge help. Thank you all for your continued support.

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