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The number of cases of COVID-19 continue to rise rapidly in both France and Europe as a whole. Our daily operations are proving to be increasingly difficult to maintain while still working to reduce any potential spread of the virus.

Our incredible volunteers are still on-site every day providing the most key and necessary aspects of aid for the populations of 500+ people. Our team are fully equipped with hand sanitizer, thoroughly detailed information sheets and are taking all preventative measures necessary. Unfortunately, the rate of new arrivals has not decreased since the beginning of this pandemic, and the desperate need for the most basic of items is only increasing.

Keeping those we support safe and informed in this unique crisis is our highest priority. With the recent departure of one of our long-term volunteers, our small team is now under even more strain and pressure to maintain the various services we provide to the community in Dunkirk.

Remember that if you are fortunate enough to be able to isolate yourself in the days and weeks to come, please do so. The inadvertent transmission of this virus is rampant and we must all work together to protect those in our society who are most vulnerable.

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