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End of Summer

The end of summer is upon us, and we are entering the beginning of the Autumn season accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain. For the residents of the Dunkirk camps, this is a dreaded yet unavoidable change that makes living conditions truly unbearable.

Brutal police evictions and the destruction of peoples tents and shelters have been a regular occurrence over the past weeks and the weather itself is now again inflicting similar damage. We are informed daily by individuals we support that their personal belongings, makeshift shelters and bedding have been completely saturated and are no longer useable.

Our teams are on-site every day addressing and responding to these needs, as well as providing our standard services of charge and Wi-Fi. Our set-up allows people to access our distributions and services while still remaining relatively dry. Unfortunately, this awful weather persists throughout the night, leaving those without tents or tarpaulin exposed to the elements.

The impact of the festival salvage cancellations has been huge. At this point in previous years we would now be receiving hundreds of salvaged tents and sleeping bags. This year our stocks have hit an all-time low.

With stock so low and still no official shelter or accommodation available in the area, we are struggling to provide tents and essential items for the hundreds of people living here.

We would express our gratitude to those that have already responded to our call for support. Andrea Strijker and those at Stand by You Foundation, Charlotte and the team at Belgian Aid Network and Michelle Wright and the Gent4Humanity crew, all of whom have provided us with essential items at this tough time.

If you have access to any of the items on our needs-list or any ideas that could help in our obtaining these items in bulk, please get in touch and we will help arrange transporting these desperately-needed donations over to us.

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