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Increasing Population - 2022

Over the past two weeks the population has continued to steadily rise with new arrivals every day. Our incredible team on the ground are present each day, ready to equip these new arrivals with the essentials they need.

Consistently low temperatures accompanied by strong coastal winds make living conditions truly unbearable. There are currently two main sites in the Dunkirk area. The main camp is situated on a disused railway line that runs next to a river, meaning it is particularly exposed to the elements. The other is located at an abandoned velodrome.

Local authorities still refuse to offer any support to either of these communities, meaning no skips are being provided and rubbish is rapidly amounting. It also means these people are entirely dependant on organisations to provide water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Hot food is as always being provided by the amazing Refugee Community Kitchen.

MRS continues to provide the usual range of services each day, ensuring people have access to power, WiFi, communication & network support as well as providing extra water and food packs upon request. Our volunteers remain on-site for several hours each day allowing people to request any particular items they might need. Over the years we have found this to be far more effective and personal than just distributing items randomly to people in a line.

With no other organisations currently distributing tents on a daily basis it has put enormous pressure on our team and stock. Fortunately thanks to our incredible partners in the UK we are currently well stocked, however, as we have seen over past years, this will soon be gone.

To support our day to day operations or to help us purchase vital items such as tents in bulk, you can donate via the button on our page or to our ongoing fundraiser via the link below.

Please share this post and help us raise more awareness of the awful conditions displaced people in north France are being forced to endure.

Thank you all as always for your continued support.

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