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Major eviction; camp relocation

Last week the local authorities made a sudden decision to once again relocate the entire camp to another site just 1km away.

The move was intended purely to keep people more hidden and out of sight from the public, with summer just around the corner. Fortunately, it does have a few potential advantages with more space and higher ground that is less prone to flooding.

With the milder weather, we have seen a spike in the population bringing numbers in the Dunkirk area to over 400 people, including many families with small children.

The camp remains predominantly Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, Pakistani and Afghan. Over the last months, we have seen an even more diverse range of nationalities accessing our services, with people from India, Egypt, Ghana and even as far as Vietnam.

Our incredible volunteers have been on the ground everyday working extended hours to ensure everyone has the equipment they need. Last week alone, we distributed 200 sleeping bags, over 100 tents, 60 pairs of shoes and huge amounts of clothes and blankets.

Alongside these distributions our team remain on-site for several hours each day with our range of static and unique personal services. This guarantees everyone has a chance to access them and take full advantage of the support we offer.

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