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Many Thanks

Despite the current circumstances proving to be challenging for most people in all walks of life, we still find ourselves surrounded by an amazing network of kind-hearted and wonderful people who do all they can to support our work and in turn support the communities that we aid.

We were visited last week by Donate4Refugees, being joined on-site by Amber Bauer and @San Mahanta. This was a great opportunity to be able to discuss at-length our current operations with one of our biggest supporters, and also demonstrate precisely how our methods of distribution have evolved and adapted since the beginning of the ongoing pandemic.

With us on Friday was the always fantastic Onjali Rauf of O's Refugee Aid Team, whose care and compassion always goes above and beyond. Though the visit was short, it was extremely generous and our small ground team was left feeling a lot of love directed our way and to those that we support. Their contributions will go an extremely long way here in Northern France, and we have no doubt that their visit will result in even more awareness being raised in the UK as it always does.

We would also like to take the opportunity to direct our thanks towards Refugee Compassion for their contribution of 300 sleeping bags, which will be quickly distributed in the Dunkirk area. The last heatwave of the summer has just ended, and the nights are set to begin growing much colder, so this donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

In addition to this, we also received many innovative ‘Kipbags’, which are full of essential gear for people who find themselves without a home, shelter, or the basic necessities.

Finally, we would like to thank the collaborative efforts of People Not Borders, Side by Side : Humanitarian Aid to Refugees, Herts For Refugees, Chorleywood4Refugees Page, Refugee Compassion, Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity, RAISE Refugee Action & Information Support, Europe in aiding a mass purchase of 500 pairs of brand new, high-quality walking shoes which will be getting distributed from now all the way into winter. The current wet weather here in Northern France is resulting in many people finding themselves without appropriate footwear, or without footwear altogether. These shoes are both light and durable, meaning that they are ideal to be distributed all year round.

We could not continue to operate without the constant and vigilant support of all the organisations and key individuals that support us.

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