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Many Thanks - O's Refugee Aid Team

We would like to take a moment to thank the incredible and inspirational Onjali Rauf and the whole team at O’s Refugee Aid Team. Earlier in the year this incredible organisation held a fundraiser to help enable us purchase a new van for our standard daily distributions and services.

As many of you will know, purchasing a vehicle in the current market is not as easy as it used to be, so we are extremely excited to announce that we now how our new vehicle and it is already in use providing aid and support to hundreds of people daily. Thank you to every individual who donated towards this fundraiser and helped us acquire this essential vehicle!

We would additionally like to thank this amazing charity for their support during Ramadan. Just a few weeks ago Onjali and some of her team paid a visit to north France, they arrived as always laden with treats and wonderful things. It is because of groups like this that we were able to provide such an array of things to enable people to celebrate this important time of year fully and how they wish.

Thank you!

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