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Milder Weather, Higher Spirits

After a truly testing week on so many fronts, today’s milder and brighter weather brought with it some slightly higher spirits.

The events of last week truly shook both the refugee and volunteer communities alike. Of all of the tragedies our team have witnessed in the north of France, this is truly one of the worst.

Today on-site our team provided the usual range of daily services that we offer. This includes phone charging, WiFi, power-bank drop off & collection and distributions of various miscellaneous items. Our unique methods of targeted distribution allow people to request almost any items of hardware or clothing they may need and have it delivered to them the following day.

We were joined on-site today by our fellow organisation the Calais Food Collective.

We were also very glad to see the arrival of the brilliant Herbalists Without Borders, who remained on the ground the entire day tending to wounds and offering effective remedies to all kinds of different ailments.

After over 4 hours on-site our team packed up and even found time to play with some of the wonderful kids that are currently residing in the camp. Despite the horrific conditions they live in, they still show such happiness and resilience.

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