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New Site; General Update

The past month has been particularly tough for displaced people in northern France. As always the sudden change in seasons and drop in temperature brings a whole different range of problems and needs.

Following the full eviction at the end of September the entire community was relocated to an area nearby. This new camp has already been subject to several partial evictions since. Organisations on the ground are stretched to their limit with low volunteer numbers and rapidly depleting stock.

This past month has seen three deaths from people trying to enter the UK. Three more names to add to the ever growing list of needlessly lost lives in the channel. The deaths of these individuals has a huge impact on both the refugee and volunteer communities alike. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these people.

Our team continue to be present on-site each day providing our usual range of static services, as well as distributing a huge selection of essential items. At MRS, we strive to give each individual the time they need and respond to or redirect people however needed. Our inspiring volunteers do their utmost to answer or resolve whatever problem they are faced with.

If you would like to be part of this incredible team, please get in contact. We are now recruiting for the Christmas period and into the new year. Volunteering with us entails a huge variety of jobs and roles, while also offering plenty of freedom to work to your own strengths.

With winter now rapidly approaching we are desperately trying to stock our warehouse in preparation for the cold months ahead. If you have material items to donate please get in contact. If you are able to donate to help us purchase items in bulk, please do.

Thank you to all our partners, donors and friends for your continued support.

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