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No Permanent Emergency Shelter 2020

It has been announced this morning that, as a temporary measure to combat the oncoming storms, three emergency shelters have been opened to house refugees and displaced peoples in the Dunkirk area. However, unlike in previous years where these shelters were open for the entire winter season, it seems very likely that they will only be open for a few days until the weather passes. By Tuesday, it is expected that those using these shelters will be pushed back outside.

So far this winter, regular evictions have continued to take place for weeks prior where peoples’ possessions and shelters are confiscated and destroyed. Police officers and workers in hazmat suits will even begin to dismantle tents before the occupants have been removed, usually armed with knives for cutting the plastic. The images below demonstrate this and were sent to our on-the-ground distribution teams from those living in the camp, shortly before they were forced to walk away into the cold winter’s morning.

These wasteful evictions have a huge impact on our stock of aid, but thankfully with your support, we can continue to respond as efficiently as possible to this situation. After the storm has passed, we will find ourselves having to replace the tents and other essential equipment of all those currently displaced in the Dunkirk area. If you wish to volunteer, please do so through Donate4Refugees via the button below. If you wish to volunteer, please do get in touch.

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