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Racial Profiling

Following work this evening our team headed to Auchan Dunkerque where CRS officers had been posted with the order to racially profile, I.D check and refuse entry to refugees trying to enter the supermarket.

Black members of our own team were met with the same hostility and also refused entry to the shop. While other members of our team argued against the officers and this blatant display of state racism, white shoppers entered past them without any obstruction or checks.

Our team quickly alerted the Human Rights Observers team (HRO) who soon arrived at the scene to document the situation and this illegal action.

Hundreds of the displaced people who we work with each day depend on this supermarket to obtain basic necessities, and were left outside clearly feeling distressed, angered and upset.

Racial profiling is completely illegal and this disgusting behaviour cannot be tolerated.

We urge you to share and spread this post and message far and wide. If you are local to Grande Synthe, we urge you to write to Auchan and condemn these actions.

Thank you to the HRO team (L'Auberge des Migrants) for responding so quickly.

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