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Tough Summer Operations

Firstly we would like to apologise to our donors and supporters for our lengthy silence on social media. It has been a particularly rough summer for organisations on the ground with lower volunteer numbers than ever before, however still with the usual influx on people that we see this time of year. We are currently seeing up to 30 new arrivals per day.

Our incredible team on the ground are stretched to their absolute limit providing our usual large range of services and support each day. Our team also remain on site for several hours, allowing everyone to access our facilities at their own convenience. Although volunteer numbers are exceptionally low, we have been blessed to have a team of true super s/heroes who, with no exception, give every individual or task their all.

With the weather and conditions as turbulent and unpredictable as ever the current site has become almost uninhabitable. Regardless, hundreds of people continue to reside there, with few other choices as an alternative. With regular downpours the ground has had no time to recover, leaving it covered in thick mud as it was back in winter.

Fortunately this summer has seen the return of some music festivals, meaning there have been some salvage operations. We would like to say a huge thanks to our dear friends Angus Clark, Shelley Meister and Glyn Winchester at Herts For Refugees and One and All Aid for their time spent organising these vital operations, and of course to the groups of wonderful humans who participated in the salvage. The material gathered here will enable us to continue distributing into winter.

MRS is currently the only association on the ground in Dunkirk distributing tents, sleeping bags or a majority of essential hardware. We are currently running a fundraiser to enable us to purchase more of these vital items in bulk. If you are able to contribute towards this fundraiser below or donate via this post below, please do.

Alternatively if you would like to volunteer and be part of this inspiring and dedicated team, please get in contact. Thank you all for your continued support, with you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of people affected by the current events in Afghanistan. Our hearts also go out to the thousands of Afghans around the world concerned for the safety of their friends or family back home.

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