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Update From the Ground

This past week has seen constant torrential rain and temperatures plummet.

Over the last three days alone there have been more than 200 new arrivals to the Dunkirk area. This has put huge amounts of pressure on our already stretched team. The awful period of weather we are currently enduring has made the conditions for refugees and displaced people here truly unbearable.

Our team has been working flat out to provide more protective and appropriate footwear and clothing. Over the last two weeks alone we have given out 150 pairs of shoes. However, despite our efforts we are seeing numerous cases of trench-foot developing and hundreds of people falling ill.

As we finish our services for the day and begin to pack away the heavens again open, meaning that people will be saturated once more as they make their way back to muddy tents or just makeshift shelters.

Regardless, the camps residents help us pack up and are grateful as ever for our presence.

If you are able to donate material items or help us buy these items in bulk, please visit our website to find information and our up-to-date needs list.

Photo credit: The incredible Noleen Sarah from the First Aid Support Team - FAST.

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