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Update From The Ground

It has been a horrific period for displaced people in the north of France. Regular evictions and increasing cases of police brutality have made it an even more hostile environment to live in than usual.

This morning our team responded to yet another clearance by the French authorities of the large camp in the Dunkirk area. Over the last two weeks there have been 6 of these same operations in which police storm through the camp cutting open tents, destroying property and pushing people out of the perimeter they quickly form. After the eviction residents are allowed back to their camps to salvage what little they can.

Each time one of these evictions is carried out we are told countless stories of police violence and the destruction of personal belongings. Close friends of ours have suffered horrific injuries sustained from brief encounters with the CRS. These inhumane methods are worsened by the abhorrent personal actions of many of the officers present.

This foul treatment of people in the north of France must stop. With the living conditions as rough as they are already, these disgusting actions push people to complete despair and in turn to take even more drastic and life threatening risks. Our team on the ground have been working around the clock to provide support to all of those affected.

Thank you to our partners on the ground who have helped us respond to each of these clearances with much needed material support. Collective Aid, Utopia 56 Grande-Synthe and Médecins du Monde France.

With the situation as severe as it is, we need your help now more than ever. If you are able to donate, please do. Whether materially or financially, it all makes a difference.

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