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Update From The Ground


As we write this hundreds of police officers are rampaging through the main camp in Dunkirk destroying peoples shelters and personal property.

Families with small children, unaccompanied minors and young men can only watch as the authorities slash their tents open and trample their bedding and belongings into the mud in front of them.

As they finish clearing each area people return to where their shelters once stood to rummage through the mess and the mud and salvage what little they can.

These disgusting operations are truly the actions of a fascist state that shows no compassion or support to refugees and displaced people. To be a police officer in France is to be complicit with this shameful behaviour.

We denounce the actions of the French and British governments. We denounce the actions of the police, not just here, but all over the world. Contact your local MP and denounce these actions as well. Thousands of people are being denied their basic human rights and being treated like criminals.

Our team will remain on site today until everyone here has been equipped once again with all of the necessary essentials to make it through the cold, wet night ahead.

In Solidarity. In Defiance.

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