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Worsening Conditions; Increasing Need

It has been a particularly tough few weeks for displaced people living in the Dunkirk area with at least two police evictions per week, and rapid & extreme fluctuations in weather. With huge amounts of rain over the last few days, vast areas of the camp have become covered in thick mud reminiscent of the conditions of the previous site last winter.

Regardless of these extremely testing circumstances, the communities remain positive and upbeat. On sunnier days, while our various services are running, our volunteers have time to sit, converse and spend time with people. Our close relationship and the trust shared with the communities here is something we hold very dearly, while also being of invaluable assistance to our work.

Being on-site so regularly results in people becoming very familiar with our procedures that often they will assist us in setting up and explaining these procedures to new arrivals. Over the last two weeks, we have seen on average 25-30 new arrivals per day, and we expect this number to only increase over the coming months.

We are in desperate need of tents and have recently launched a new fundraiser to enable us to purchase a bulk amount directly from the manufacturer.

Donating via this fundraiser will increase your donation by 25% via gift-aid, thanks to our incredible partners at Donate4Refugees.

The current price for a 2-man tent from our supplier is just £8.

To donate, please follow the link below. If you are unable to donate, please share this post so it may reach as far as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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